Memorial Ash Celestial Magnet - Everlasting Echoes

Memorial Ash Magnet - Celestial

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Put your special someone on the fridge with this Memorial Ash Magnet - Celestial design, so when you cook or bake, you’re reminded of the yummiest recipe they are famous for! This memorial ash celestial magnet, solidified in resin, commemorates your beloved loved one for years to come. 


  • Resin Piece: Measures approximately (L) 3" (W) 3" (D) .25" 
  • The Backside: Black

Requires: 1 photo & 1 teaspoon of ashes

*Shipping instructions for the ashes, including how to prepare your package, will be provided in the order confirmation email. 


Upon arrival, guests are welcomed with the utmost care and the creation begins. Encasing cremains in resin in your Memorial Ash Magnet - Celestial design is purely artisan. Because of varying factors during the cremation process, ashes can react differently. Artistic elements such as bubbles, looking sand-like, or casting a color of their own are typical. Best said, as your loved one was unique in life, so will your finished Memorial Ash Magnet - Celestial design. See FAQs for unused ashes.


Please allow 4-6 weeks for turnaround time to receive your Memorial Ash Magnet - Celestial design. Once your piece is complete, you’ll receive an email with your shipping confirmation.