Her Story

At Everlasting Echoes, we believe in capturing memories differently. Unlike traditional keepsakes, we use contemporary visual art to tell your story. Our modern and unique memorial designs infuse your loved one's cremains, human or pet, in a piece of beautifully handcrafted timeless expression.

Tiffany founded Everlasting Echoes in 2020. Her longtime hobby as an artist found a deeper purpose when her 18-year-old daughter was murdered. Through her healing journey, Tiffany was inspired by the idea of seeing and feeling Ally's spirit in her home again. She used Ally's ashes in her first design, which spotlighted the talents she honed as a longtime artist. Tiffany marveled at the delicate process of handling cremains and the intimacy of the creation, which ignited her passion, something she thought was lost. As Tiffany viewed her finished work of art, she felt gratitude within her soul that she would always have something to look at that was her daughter. Capturing her child's essence in a timeless piece she could see, feel, hold, and always keep with her helped her heal in more ways than she could have imagined. 

Tiffany knew that sharing this gift she found so helpful and enlightening to those surrounded by loss and grief was her calling. When she isn't writing about it, she's helping others capture their loved one's spirit, or an echo, through a beautifully handcrafted piece of timeless expression.

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