Forever Grateful

Sentiments Received from Clients

Thank you so much for showing me a way like no other to keep my husband on our mantel. I love the color and circle. I smile and kiss his face every morning as I walk by with my coffee.

-Sonja S.

Thank you so much for creating a forever ornament! It’s beautiful and well made! I highly recommend - 5 stars! 

-Rachel A.

Ms. Tiffany - I wanted to share with you some of the many compliments I've received about the picture and frame of my parents' engagement photo. "What a beautiful way of displaying such an important picture!" "Wow, where did you find this?" "So original and interesting. "Thanks for helping me be the talk of the town! 

-Sharon M.

When my awesome friend Andrew reached out to me about his wife’s new business Everlasting Echoes, I knew I had to get something special for my Dad! Off my dad went on a little trip to Colorado, the square state as my dad always called it! He always wanted to visit but never got the chance too! He made it safe and sound and Tiffany made the most amazing Art piece with my dad’s ashes and I can never thank Andy and Tiffany enough! They shipped this beautiful work of art back to me and we all know my dad hahaha he had other plans while coming back! He went from Colorado to New Hampshire the state right next to Vermont where he grew up and stayed there for a few days! Then finally making it back to me in Illinois he definitely wanted one last trip! He loved to travel and I’m glad he left me with that joy to want to travel also! I miss you so much dad! Love your little girl always and forever! 

-Nikki H.

I needed a holiday gift for my parents and was coming up short. Oh my, I was blown away when a gorgeous rectangle resin ornament, in a beautiful custom blue, showed up at my house. It was the perfect holiday gift for my parents! I cannot tell you how much they cherish this ornament! My Mom displays the ornament in her house year-round. What started as a holiday gift ended up being an everlasting gift that is displayed with pride and love. Thank you Tiffany! 

-Laura M.

At first I was unsettled by the thought of parting with my beloved dog’s ashes.  What might happen to them in transport?  How did I feel about a stranger touching them?  Would I regret doing this for fear I might dislike the finished product, leaving me with less of my Charlie’s remains. I wondered if it was all too creepy.  Ha! Was I wrong on all fronts.  The ornaments and picture frame with stand have become a constant reminder of the joy he brought to my life. I’m glad I decided to bypass my fears and go for it.

-Beth P.

Jackie's Dish: This keepsake is from 6 pieces of Jackie's broken baking dish that is incredibly special to Charla, her bereaved mother. Ironically, one of the remnants was in the letter "J," for Jackie. I took the other 5 remnants, broke them into tiny pieces, created a stand with resin, and used them to accent the polished letter "J," also solidified in resin.

I absolutely LOVE my beautiful memento! It's perfect in every way and everyone who's seen it is so stunned that you made this.


A thank you card that reads: "Tiffany, my dad dearly loved his gift you made."

-Julie K.

 I absolutely love, love, love these keychains! Thank you, thank you so much!

-Karen K.