1. What is Artistic Infusion?

Artistic infusion is the delicate technique where the artist will permanently solidify (infuse) your loved one's ashes into your desired design.

2. Will my finished piece look identical to the website?

Not exactly. Artistic elements such as the arrangement of the individual components or ashes, the ashes and their coloring, bubbles (or lack thereof) from the resin or glass, and the coloring of resin, glass, metal, and the frame may vary. Best said, as your loved one was unique in life, so will your finished design. We should also mention the obvious: your monitor settings can also affect the appearance of the website’s images.

3. Measurements

The measurement of each design is approximate.

4. What If I Don't Have Any Ashes?

Sand from your favorite beach can be used as an alternative, or if you don’t have any, don’t worry, we do. Just make a note at checkout if that’s what you’re including or if you need some of ours, so we are on the same page. If you have inclusions (materials) other than sand you’re interested in using or a custom color, please CONTACT us to discuss them before ordering.

5. Shipping the Ashes

After placing your order, you’ll receive further outlined instructions in the order confirmation email. Shipping the ashes to Everlasting Echoes is the buyer’s responsibility, including the cost and packaging. If you have questions, you can visit the United States Postal Service FAQs Home page on Shipping Cremated Remains and Ashes. With that, everyone’s experience is unique. Handling a loved one’s ashes can be emotionally challenging, so take your time and listen to your intuition. However, please have your ashes arrive no later than six (6) months from the date of sale. After such time, your order will be considered canceled.

6. Using Your Loved One's Ashes

Once received (the lockbox is checked every 2-3 days), each order is labeled, handled, and stored with care to ensure accuracy.

7. Unused Ashes

We’ll most likely use all the ashes; however, some cremation ashes are left from time to time. If you’d like them returned, add your request to the notes box during checkout. Note: An additional shipping charge of $20 to adhere to the USPS regulations is invoiced separately.

8. Duration

Please allow 2-6 weeks for a turnaround time to receive your piece. We understand that it may feel like forever, but we want to ensure your custom design is crafted as beautifully as possible. Once it’s complete, you’ll receive an email with your shipping confirmation.

9. Tips for Taking Care of Your Piece

  • Looking Like New: Scratches are possible, so be mindful of sharp or harsh objects. Keep your piece indoors at the desired temperature between 65-75°F.

  • Keeping It Clean: Use a soft cloth and wipe gently.

  • Traveling/Shipping/Storing: Wrapping in bubble wrap seems obvious; however, it’s a big no-no. Instead, start with craft/butcher paper followed by polyfoam.

10. International Orders

Unfortunately, we don’t ship internationally, and we hope to be able to offer this service in the future.