1. Substitution for Ashes/Custom Colors

If you have other materials you’d like to use or a request for a custom color, please CONTACT ME to discuss before ordering.

2. Captions

Text entered in the notes box will be copied as-is, with the understanding I may need to use my discretion of the positioning for aesthetic purposes. However, if the text is longer than the piece allows, I will contact you before starting your custom order.

3. Shipping the Ashes

Shipping the ashes is the buyer’s responsibility, including the cost. It's recommended that ashes are mailed using Priority Mail Express, as per the United States Postal Service guidelines. If you have any questions, please visit their FAQs Home page on Shipping Cremated Remains and Ashes. After placing your order, you’ll receive further outlined instructions in the order confirmation email.

4. Using Your Loved One's Ashes

Each order is labeled, handled, and stored with care to ensure accuracy.

5. Unused Ashes

I'll most likely use all the ashes; however, some cremation ashes are left from time to time. If you are interested in having them returned, add your request in the notes box during checkout. There will be an additional shipping charge of $20 to adhere to the USPS regulations invoiced separately.

6. About the Resin

I use a Premium Quality, Made in the USA, Non-Toxic, and UV Stabilized product. What is UV Stabilized? This means that it prolongs your piece's life by delaying the effects of yellowing, gloss loss, cracking, and becoming cloudy caused by the sun.

Tips for Taking Care of Your Resin Piece

  • Keeping It Clean: Use a soft cloth, a gentle cleanser, and polish just like any glass surface.

  • Looking Like New: Scratches are typical. If they aren’t deep, use a soft cloth and plastic polish and polish per the product’s directions. Deeper scratches may require wet-sanding with high-grit paper before polishing. Also, bring indoors during extreme weather.

  • Traveling/Shipping/Storing: Wrapping in bubble wrap seems obvious; however, with resin, it’s a big no-no. Instead, start with a craft/butcher paper followed by polyfoam.

7. About the Glass

I use a Premium Fusible Glass used for Kilnforming.

Tips for Taking Care of Your Glass Piece

  • Keeping It Clean: Use a soft, damp cloth and wipe gently. 

  • Traveling/Shipping/Storing:  Wrapping in bubble wrap or polyfoam is recommended.

8. International Orders

CONTACT ME to discuss shipping prices before ordering.

9. Shipping Your Order

Free Shipping in the United States. Orders will be shipped via USPS. All orders will include a tracking number that will be emailed to you. Due to COVID - receiving your order may take longer than anticipated.

10. Refund/Return/Exchange Policy

All situations are personalized, just like your piece. Click HERE to read further.

11. Privacy Policy and Terms of Service

Click HERE for Private Policy and HERE for Terms of Service.